Help us identify steps involved on on-boarding a new client -want to automate it

Hi Guys,

Can you help us identify each and every task you do when you sign up a new client and taking their computer under management please?

We want to create automation for the whole thing, so we want to identify each and every step.

Please respond to this thread even with one step/task you might do…it will all help.

thank you for your help!

Here is a basic, off the top of my head (incomplete) run down of my standard on-boarding:

  1. Change all passwords. Start password management. (Could be useful integration with Comodo but I can see some people finding that too risky)

  2. Inventory via a couple network scanners (like Spiceworks, WakeMeOnLan, Advanced IP Scanner) and a visual follow-up

  3. Software inventory via Comodo and Spiceworks and visual

  4. While the scanners are running I create all the Comodo ITSM client, users and groups

  5. Setup customized profiles, monitoring, alerts and patchers if needed based on the applications and devices the inventory finds

  6. Install Comodo agents and make sure all computers are running AV products (Comodo’s or what ever the client already has unless that needs upgrading)

  7. Make any other changes if need such as hardening the network security (firewalls, user permissions, etc.) or dealing with rogue programs or licensing issues.

  8. Create Software and Hardware inventory databases if there is not one already.

Comodo could really use some software and hardware management. Specifically I mean the type that allows adding software/hardware and licenses to inventory as on-hand (available) when bought, not just when discovered by an agent after deployment. If I buy 5 licenses or 5 computers (4 for now and 1 keeping available) for Auto-CAD, I want the ability to inventory as on-hand before installing and then have the agent discovery of the hardware/software count against the number of licenses I specified earlier. Also being able to tie a device to the actual license used would be great. Thus I easily get to see that 4 of 5 licenses are used and if we are going to be needing to install 7 more with in two months I know I only have to buy 6 more.

Hi @alphatecsd

We will analyze your requests for script automation and update you soon.


Very important thing - make PC accounts reusable. When we reinstall OS - we should create new device, and we loose all PC history. Also we have device-duplicating problem.

Additionally to alphatecsd:

  1. Setup Acronis backup parameters. Maybe you can associate ITSM profile with Acronis backup profile.
  2. Put info about us at PC desktop (phone, mail, PC ID).

Hello @Sergey

Thank you for sharing.

Please tell us if there is anything we can help you with regards to this case :

Thank you.

Hello @alphatecsd,

Good day. This is about the “Feature Request: Software inventory”. Our Development team had informed us that the “Global Software Inventory” screen is available under “Applications” section. Administrators can now easily track all software and applications installed on any device. Applications can be filtered by vendor, software title .and software category. You can find the inventory by clicking ‘Applications’ > ‘Global Software Inventory.

Thank you