Help with API. Unable to get the API to work.. using Postman for testing

I am just trying to do a simple get request to list tickets as a test using this documentation.

However, the documentation is limited. For example, what is the endpoint supposed to be. I have tried the helpdesk url in my Comodo One Admin panel, but that does not work.

Here is the jQuery request I am trying to use. I have removed my actual api key and domain name.

var settings = {
“url”: “”,
“method”: “GET”,
“timeout”: 0,
“headers”: {
“Content-Type”: “application/json”,
“Authorization”: “ABCDEFGHIJKL36CBEDB95033569597B5A”

$.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {

I just keep getting a 500 error.

Hello @robp2175

We have informed our ITarian Team to review your reported issue and get back to your case as quickly as possible.

This has been a complete waste of my time. I sent an email to customer support as was suggesting: This was their first response

Hello Rob,

Thank you for contacting Comodo One Support.

We understand the issue, to investigate further we would require some more information, kindly help us with that.

1. Using which browser you are accessing the service desk (IE, Chrome, Firefox) 2. Did you tried access the Service Desk using other browsers.
3. How long the issue happening, or this is the first time.
4. Please try to clean the browser history, Cache and temp files and try to access the service desk

If you still finding same error, please send us screen shot error, which helps us to understand the issue better.

Kind Regards,
Comodo Technical Support Team

My reply:


These questions have nothing to do with my problem.

to which they replied:

Hello Rob,

We got update from the developers stating that, the mentioned Service Desk API is already under the Feature Request and our developer are working on it.

We will get back to you, once the Feature Request is completed.

Kind Regards,
Comodo Technical Support Team

So, apparently, this is NOT a feature even though the documentaion can clearly be found here:

I am starting to think we chose the wrong software.

I got a similar “this has nothing to do with my question” response from support regarding the API. I’m expecting them to reply that its under development. I also only get the 500 error when trying to use the endpoint. If the API is not working and under development, shouldn’t it be removed for now or at the very least a message clearing stating its not yet functional?

Hi @robp2175,
For listing tickets you have to send post request and ‘email’ is a required parameter for this request. I will write an example curl request below. If you have any other questions about this request you can send me a direct message. I will be very happy if I can help. About the document you are right, we will update the document with more details.

curl -X POST
-H ‘Authorization: {{APIKEY}}’
-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’
-H ‘cache-control: no-cache’
-d ‘{“email”: “{{EMAIL ADDRESS}}”}’

Thank you for your patience.

@zeynepyildirim I have had a ticket open but as expected this is the response i got (which counters what you claim)
We request you to wait on this because API support is not implemented yet.

For reference my ticket is #16858

For now I’ve had to work around the issue by capturing service desk emails to capture information which obviously is clunky and limited.

@eztech , sorry for confusion. Support team means API support documents don’t cover your questions. But API is working. I can help you get answer from API if you send your request.


Well I still repeatedly get the same reply on my ticket [#16858] even after referencing what you told me here

Here is the response I get:

Hello Michael,

We request you to wait on this because Service Desk API is not working yet.

Itarian support

Hi @robp2175 , @eztech

You can check your list of tickets with below query, please check we updated mandatory email address field.

curl -X POST
-H ‘Authorization: {{AUTHORIZATION KEY}}’
-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’
-H ‘cache-control: no-cache’
-d ‘{“email”: “*”}’



I am circling back on this. The listtickets seems to work fine including the use of the wildcard. However I cannot seem to get createticket to work. Its the one function I need most. I have been successfully able to get ticketpostreply working so I’m so close to what I need which is just to create a ticket. Here is an example code I have tried but its not working.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: {{AUTHORIZATION KEY}}' \
--data-raw '{
    "email": "",
    "summary": "Test API Ticket",
    "description": "Test problem..etc",
    "assetType": "2",
    "helpTopic": "1",
    "ticketCategory": "17"

Any help is greatly appreciated

Any update on this? Going on 3 months. Thanks

Hi @eztech ,

We will have a hotfix on 24th of November and this request will be released in the hotfix. I will share the hotfix details in Service Desk Product page.


Nevermind. I made a mistake

@zeynepyildirim Where is the correct documentation for this. I want to know all the possible post fields. Can I post phone and full name? If yes, what are they.

@zeynepyildirim It looks like I might need the create user api, but again, I really need the documentation for that please.