help!you can support me creating a script to be able to execute update of msi

Hello good afternoon.

I would like you to help me with the creation of a script with the following parameters:

  • It is downloaded from a website that is password protected or not (that you have both). print that the site is available or not

  • The download this in windows tmp. Print if the download was successful

  • Before installation, check if you have a previous version installed in a path provided, example c: / file programs (x86) … and if you find a previous version that you can update. print if the provided path is correct.

  • When the .msi is executed send installation parameters for example server = “” files = “” gateway = “” linea1 = “” linea2 = “” linea3 = “” batch = “” installation type = 1 pharmacy type = 2 server = " "/ qb
    print if it was installed correctly or there was a problem with the installation.

  • Validate if the remote equipment is connected to the internet before installation and printing.

  • Email the logs of the previous steps

  • In case it is not installed, a retry can be performed in a certain time up to a number of 3 times and in such case it is not installed print the reason why the problem was.

The final computers or hosts are in windows all versions.

Thank you very much for your support and always very grateful.

Hi @teuno,

Thanks for your script Request. We have asked our script developers to analyse and provide an update.

Kind Regards,

Thanks a lot!!

  • Installation Path: in the installation() function it is a must to enter the installation path of the .msi or is it not necessary if the .msi already has its default path?

It would be excellent to have the option to choose if we want a defined or default route.

  • Versioning: in the CheckApplication() function, it validates the installed versions of the application. When it is a lower version, does it install a recent version or does not allow to install?
Could you explain this function? The function does the validation if it is lower?
  • Troubles when downloading .msi: Today, an installation was carried out on a final computer and there was a problem with the installation, it can be seen in the image that the .msi only downloaded 41kb where the real size is 28000kb, but it does not show more detail about why this happened. Maybe the computer has a permission issue or to troubles to download the .msi?
  • Is it possible to mention the word ERROR when an installation error happens? This is for making the search faster when the Excel is exported to .csv in order to have a faster search of the equipment with problems.
  • When the report is sent to the email, it would be great if the same log of the details that are shown in ITARIAN are seen in the email’s SUBJECT when a computer failed to install the .msi, e.g. the word ERROR!
Log detail in the mail:

Log detail in iTarian:

  • Is it possible that the script closes the client’s application if this is started? That means, to kill the application process before installing so it does not error if the application is open. This is one of the errors we got during Intune POC.
  • If we conduct a POC or a Lab with the client, and we need to make changes to the script, what will be the average time of response from your side?

Hi @teuno,

Thanks for trying the script and providing feedback. We have shared your inputs with our script developers and we will share an updated script.

Kind Regards,