Helpdesk phone fault?

When I call the helpdesk I receive a message “you are the only person in this conference” and then silence.
Is there a fault with your phone system?

Hi @nct
I, personally, received a call earlier and assisted a C1 user with his concern. The line is pretty much open and available here at C1 Support (as of this post).

Which is the best phone number and have you tried dialing it yourself? I tried 3 times.

@nct I tested this number and I was able to reach a live person on the other end of the line.
For MSP: +1.973.396.1232

Same number I was dialling, I’ll call another day.

@nct ,

We apologized if you were unable to reach the department that you need to contact.

If you’re trying to call C1/ITSM Support, these are the numbers to call:

For Enterprise customers: 1-973-396-1235 (US) Toll-Free
For MSP customers: 1-973-396-1232 (US) Toll-Free

To be more precise you can send an email to Please provide details of the issue that you want to be addressed and we will as much as possible direct it to the right department.