Heuristic Command Line analysis

In default, the executables such as \cmd.exe, “\python.exe” are available in parses list of the heuristic command-line analysis. If the executables are enabled, Comodo Internet Security performs the heuristic analysis on the program/scripts that are run by these executables. Thereby all the security check will be done for the files.

Enable or Disable Heuristic Command Line analysis for the executables:

Step [1]: Go to Configuration templates menu and select the “profiles” from the drop down.Select a profile from the list, to which you want to apply the heuristic analysis.

Step [2]: Go to HIPS tab, Select the checkbox of “Do heuristic command-line analysis for” and click “Certain Applications” link.

It loads the “Parses” dialog box. It includes the list of applications for which the heuristic analysis can be performed.

The python executables are now added to the list. The python executables “\python.exe”,”\pythonw.exe” are being enabled by default.The executables can be either enabled or disabled based on the user needs.

Step [3]: A new application can also be added to list. If the user desire to perform the heuristic analysis for that executable.Click "Add icon at the top of parses list ,enter the application name and click “add” button.

Step [4]: Click Edit icon, to edit the name of the executables and click save button.

Step [5]: Click Delete icon, to remove the executable.