Hide Admin Panel for non Admins

Hello, is there a way to hide the admin panel from non Admins. The groups that users are assigned to don’t seem to do this and it seems everyone has free range inside servicedesk.

Also is there a way to assign users to different departments? There is no drop down menu when you click on a user just like there is with groups.

↵Hello @derrick.kleckner ,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We will escalate the case and we will get back to you once we have a resolution on this.

About assigning staff members to other departments, this is not currently possible. However, you can create several Groups (from Admin Panel > Staff tab) and move the staff members accordingly, to be able to provide them access to specific departments only and give them custom permissions.

I appreciate it, the main issue though is the Admin Panel. Its not good to leave the admin panel open to all of the staff as we don’t want them to change settings. I appreciate your guys help with all of this and look forward to working with these services.

Yes, needed functionality

Hello @Sergey ,

We are working on this and we will let you know when this feature is available.

Thank you for your feedback!