Hide Available Patches?

Hello, I searched the forums and didn’t find anything but suggestions from last year. We have the desire to hide certain patches for clients. Is this possible?

Thank you. I was looking for it under the: Device List > DeviceName > Patch Management. I seeI need to go to the actual “patch management” app to hide them. Would be nice to have the same features in both the app and the patch management section in the details of the device.

@ktaylor ,

We’ll forward this idea to our Product Developers and give you an update via support email for any notifications about this functionality improvement.

Is hiding patches, the same as blocking the installation of the patch?

@grahamllewellyn ,

You can hide patches if you do not want to deploy them on the ITSM Portal. The Hidden patches will not be available for deployment in the ‘Device Management’ screen and will not be executed if added to a patch procedure.

Super! Thank you!

@grahamllewellyn ,

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Hello, as follow-up… how do I find all the patches that have been hidden? I can “display hidden patches”, but this doesn’t help me identify which are hidden.

Hello all, I received this reply from Support directly, so I thought I would share. After you choose to “show hidden patches” in the filter, the currently hidden patches show up with a “grey” back ground. https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-10105-Manage-OS-Patches-on-Windows-Endpoints.html?af=7639#unhide_patches