Hiding old versions toggles their approval (for some) instead.

Trying to clean up the old versions. Got

Before Hiding, several selected:

After Hiding, none hidden but two of them suddenly approved:

And, again, we’re back to having redundant versions of items in the list (4 versions of jre-8u912 for x64)
It’s also taking a long time to load the screens so a whackload of time is being wasted on things like this.

Oh, and can someone confirm if I even need to bother removing approval on older versions that I’m going to hide?

Hello @PromptCare ,

We can see that both print-screens include the same number of approved Patches. Is it possible you are referring to something else?

Regarding the other issues mentioned, we have contacted you by email. Thank you for your feedback!

Hello @PromptCare ,

Regarding the problem that you have reported, we have been informed that the problem is now fixed, as follows:

  • The conflict between versions 8u.74 and 8U.74 has been corrected. Please check if it is showing both versions and let us know the outcome.
  • All the other packages are shown correctly because their severity is different, according to the version they are patching.

You’re partly right - I was misinterpreting and not noticing that a couple of the selected updates had been hidden. However, it’s pretty clear that Hide doesn’t do it’s job because ALL of those selected should have been hidden, right?

Hello @PromptCare,
We have escalated the issue and we will keep you updated on the ticket that you have opened with us.