[hips] Outlook, Adobe Acrobat reader, opening of PDF ?


I have an issue using Comodo Endpoint Security and the HIPS module, just activated last Week.

  1. when users tried to open PDF in Outlook emails, Nothing was happening, I inspected HIPS configuration, default was to no warn user and block,
    I changed this rule to warn user asking for choice.
  2. HIPS module now asks users everytime they try to open a PDF, and also after (another issue) they have warnings because Adobe PDF try to open other programs of Adobe (other components, modify Windows registry).

I Added “*\Outlook.exe” in my “allowed applications” exception in HIPS (and other modules) but without any impact.

What is the good way to proceed with such a need ?

PS: computers have different versions of Outlook, so that’s why I decided to do a "\Outlook.exe" (maybe a more secure would be to do a c:\program……\outlook.exe), you can advice also.

Hello @rbo ,

Can you try to create allowed Rule on the associated profile?
Please refer to the images I attached on this thread.
If you will require further assistance, please reach out to ITarian Support directly via support@itarian.com and they will make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as they can.