Hot fix for Service Desk (2020-04-17)

Hello everyone,

We want to inform you that we had a hot fix over Service Desk today (2020-04-17).

Here are the items that are included in the hot fix.

Service Desk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of "Ticket Data widget doesn't display amount of tickets"
  • Fixed the issue of "SD tickets are not being autoclosed when "Default Alert" is used"
Version: 4.25.3

You can feel free to share your feedback and comments through this post.

We will share any updates regarding hot fix release through here.


Hi @zeynepyildirim

What time will the hotfix be and will there be any downtime?

Hi nct ,

It already finished 5 hours ago. Our hot-fix times are before working hours for both US and EU. Please let me know if any problem occurs.


Could someone explain the thinking around disabling your service desk access if it’s not used for a while please?

ie. if you’ve not used it for a period you’re greeted with a warning telling you so, then you have to wait 1 business day for it to be reactivated. Why is this?


Hi @Ed_Johnson,

We can activate your account now. Can you please share your account details as a private message.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi… thanks for the offer. I’m not desperate to get in so can wait but I’m intrigued as to why this procedure of deactivation is in place. Seems unneccesary.