Hot fix for Service Desk (2020-05-13)

Hello everyone,

We want to inform you that we have a hot fix over Service Desk on 13th of May at 08:30 (UTC+3).

Here is the item that are included in the hot fix.

Service Desk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of "Ticket has paused status instead of closed"
  • Fixed the issue of "SSO transmission does not work for EM portal links within SD tickets about devices Discovering"
  • Fixed the issue of "Calendar ticket event schedule issues"
  • Fixed the issue of "Incorrect timezone under 'Admin Panel' -> 'Settings' -> 'System'"
  • Fixed the issue of "Unable to view a date picker option in the custom form"

You can feel free to share your feedback and comments through this post.

We will share any updates regarding hot fix release through here.