Hotfix for Comodo - Client Security

Hello everyone,

We want to inform you that we will have a hotfix release over Comodo - Client Security on 7th of April at 02:00 AM EST (06:00 GMT).

Here are the items that are included in the hotfix.

Comodo Client Security

  • Fixed the issue of some trusted applications which are using virtualization technology like Citrix, QuickBooks, ShipGear are contained despite containment rules.
New Client Versions: Windows Comodo Client - Security:

Please note that you will be able to automatically upgrade from v12.7.0.8525.

Best regards,
Product Management Team

Hi, oddly my audit shows as latest Client security version the old #

client version.jpg

Hello @datalink ,

Could you please recheck? It takes some time for CDN to synchronize the latest versions. You should already be seeing the latest version as

Best regards,

Yes, you are right, now the latest version is correct but the version of the installed is still ‎Sho‎udn’t they automatically update ? Thanks

Hello @datalink,

If auto-updating mechanism is turned on for CCS on Profile Update section, then it should automatically update.

Best regards,

Yes, they have been update. Thanks.

And you still see some endpoints which are not updated to the latest version yet?

No now they are all updated, thanks