Hotfix for Endpoint Manager - (2019-11-16)

Hello everyone,

We want to inform you that we had a hot fix over Endpoint Manager this Saturday (2019-11-16).

Here are the items that are included in the hot fix.

Endpoint Manager Core

  • "# of used seats" field is removed from License Summary notification email.
  • Fixed the issue about not being able to redirect to
  • Fixed the issue about creating wrong enrollment link upon choosing "Enroll and Protect" option in device enrollment section.
  • Fixed the wording on Communication Client Update settings when choosing "On selected days" for update frequency.
  • Fixed the wording on ticket emails which are created by monitors.
  • Fixed the wording on "Create User" section.
Version: 6.31.2

Cyber Security

  • Ability to Add EDR Agent to Bulk Installation Package
Version: 6.31.1

Remote Monitoring and Management & Patch Management

  • Not being able to edit monitors from custom folder.
  • RMM service 6.31.30471.1900 crashes because of access violation when IPC connection is lost.
  • RMM service doesn't return error message for already installed patches when patch procedure is executed.
  • Security Client Events Monitor with condition "Comodo Client Security communication error occured" not being properly triggered.
  • RMM service crashing on Windows 7 x64 devices during searching of updates with latest Communication Client.
  • Inability to save procedure section within profile.
  • RMM service termination on Windows 10 x64 device.
  • RMM service not using custom scripts for third party software uninstall operations.
Version: 6.31.3

Remote Control / Remote Tools

  • Fixed the issue of CTRL + ALT + DELETE shortcut prompting deletion of highlighted item on the remote machine.

You can feel free to share your feedback and comments through this post.

We will share any updates regarding hot fix release through here.


Hi @zeynepyildirim

I guess that this hotfix has been applied also to the Endpoint Manager Communication Client, which over the weekend has been raised from version 6.31.30538.19100 to version 6.31.31559.19102. Is this correct?

By the way, it would be nice to have release announcements before the hotfix is released, so we can do our plans with the full information: we started the deployment of Endpoint Manager Communication Client version 6.31.30538.19100 last Thursday 14th just to arrive today at work and find that the Communication Client has been updated during the weekend, which is really disappointing.

That’s not serious, Comodo really has to improve the communication with their customers.

Please, try to keep us informed in advance about all releases that affect the Client versions, as that information is critical for scheduling the deployments. Thanks in advance!

– Javier Llorente
Devoteam Endpoint Security Team

Hi @DevoteamEndpointSecu ,

Yes it is correct new version is 6.31.31559.19102 now. There was a problem we couldn’t share from forum page sorry about that. You can follow “” page. We are announcing regularly from community.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Hi @zeynepyildirim

I’m trying the provided URL “”, but I’m getting the message “Page not found. Are you looking for one of the following guides?”

Could you please check? Thanks in advance!

– Javier Llorente
Devoteam Endpoint Security Team

@zeynepyildirim I was unaware of this page until now - very useful - but as @DevoteamEndpointSecu mentioned, we need more notice and I don’t think the hotfix was posted on the status page, was it?

Hi @zeynepyildirim

Thanks for the update, that Release Notes page will be useful.

Anyway, please note that the Release Note for the current Hotfix ( does only mention the updated server versions, it does not mention the updated version for the Endpoint Manager Communication Client.

That’s all so far on my side. Have a nice evening!

– Javier Llorente
Devoteam Endpoint Security Team

Hi @DevoteamEndpointSecu ,

Server updates also reflected to client side. All server-client versions are the same.

Thank you for your concern.
Have a nice day.