How do I delete my Itarian account?

I’ve searched both my account and my account (same account) and cannot find any way to delete. There are zero search results for deleting account, on itarian help, comodo help and google. I’ve removed all devices from the RMM module, I just want to completely delete the entire Itarian/Comodo account.

I’ve been using Itarian “free for up to 50” for over a year, but it’s just for my friends/family computers. I can’t afford the pay model.
Thanks for the free product while it lasted. It made being my friends/family “computer guy” a LOT easier.

Hi @eric360

I’m sorry to hear that you feel you have to close your account.

By the sounds of your usage you are using us for remote support to your family, and as this is the case this is still actually free as stated on other posts. In this case you could continue to use our platform with no worries or charges, unless your using monitors and patch management etc.

If you still feel you want to delete your account, then you will have to raise a support ticket with stating that you want your account deleted as well as providing the username, tenant sub domain and they might double check for confirmation before processing.

I hope this helps or answers your question.


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Thanks for your response. I was indeed using patch management and a couple other RMM features as well.

Reading many other comments, on this forum and reddit, it seems there has been a gradual decrease in non-paid services offered. When read as a whole and looking at the scope, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before there are zero non-paid services remaining with Itarian. I understand, it’s a company in business to make money and servers and bandwidth cost money - nobody owes anybody anything for free. But I think I should get out before I accidentally get billed for something.

Hi @eric360

No plans to change billing for a long time now as we are now working in the same method as the competition.

What is free from us is service desk, remote control and a few other portal features like customer manager.

Unfortunately everything else is paid, as you rightly say it costs money to run and develop. The free offering got a little out of hand and was hindering the development of the platform which only had a negative effect of slow development and missing features.

Sorry you feel you cannot stay, but we are always here if you wish to return.


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I’m in the same boat as @eric360. Was using iTarian for remote control but I guess accidentally had some other features enabled. This is just for my small project systems around the house.

How can I delete the account before I’m accidentally billed for something

Hi @zendev

If you just want remote access to devices this is still free.

if you create a new profile and enable remote control under the ITarian Basic section (marked as free).

Once this is done, you can apply the policy to your devices but either making it the default, applying it to a group, device or owner.

Once you have assigned this to the device you can check to see if it is right in the devices view as you should free next to it in the profile column. If not open the device and click on associated profiles to see what else is assigned to it and how.

If you still want to delete your account, as stated above please send an email to