How do you make computers in device manager that show Connected go Online?

I’ve searched docs and forums, and haven’t found clear information. If I’ve missed documentations regarding this, please point me to it.

I saw in another post that if a device shows Connected (vs Online), this means that the “xmpp” isn’t connected.

3 out of 10 computers that I deployed by pusing the agent show Connected instead of Online.

They are reporting patch status, and show software inventory, just like the Online ones do, so it’s not clear what the difference is.

I’m assuming Connected is less good, and Online is the desirable state.

How can I fix this?

What difference does it make?

What is “xmpp”?


  • Marty Fries

We are starting to have the same issue.
Same office same IP subnet.
One user state connected and 15 user state online.
Problem is that we can not remote control computer with state connected.
Any advice?

Hello @ybp ,

Please check the ITSM service status on the device make sure to set the service Startup Type to Auto-Start (Run > services.msc > right-click on Comodo Client - Communication Service > Properties).
If restarting the service doesn’t help, check for what could cause connectivity issues (firewall rules, invalid proxy settings, etc) - the list of IP & ports used by CCC can be found here:
EU :,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---EU-Customer.html
US :,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---US-Customer.html
Make sure to also check the connectivity to XMPP server – telnet 443