How do you price IT Services?

I know this is not a support related topic but I would like to ask the MSP community how you price your services. I want to structure my own price list and consultations more effectively and collaborate here to gain insight on this.

Good question. We’ve got lots of MRR from customers for a variety of things but we don’t have any official AYCE type pricing yet. Labor is just billable time with the caveat that we will do what’s required without approval or complaint, and our customers trust us to do that. We’ll come up with an AYCE package once we have a better understanding on our costs now and as we scale, as well as what the market will bare. I suspect our AYCE plan which would include everything (like VOIP and o365) but no onsite or project work will likely be around $100-$120/month per user.

We offer different SLA for different Services. Different prices, depend on SLA Time and Service.

We are almost exclusively using the MSP model. We have a fixed price per workstation and per server and have modifiers for FTEs and specific verticals that require more/less labor. We have seen a bunch of proposals and pricing is all over the map. We try to stay in the middle at about $50/workstation/month and $150/server/month + email, etc. Usually include 1 onsite visit per month, quarterly “executive” meetings and monthly reporting. Customers never see our per workstation fee. We say “$500 a month for up to X workstations and Y servers”. Don’t break it down. It leads to “oh we don’t use that PC very much, we don’t need to include that”

@easterntech50 then how do you account for new machines being added to the contract, you go in and tell them the total then just add the $50 or whatever?

I would like to hear more how others price. I find it all over the map.

  1. We have base price per PC per month
  2. We have break-fix prices.
  3. If customer buy per-month contract, he gets discount (special prices) for some other services - like cartridge refill or electronics fixing. Also we provide discounts for customer’s stuff.
  4. Also within service contract we provide antivirus protection. CES or other vendor.
  5. Every contract have typical ITSM details (TTO,TTR, etc).
  6. EVery contract have some onsites, also we provide “Online” contract, where only remote support we do (+AV protection).
  7. We provide bonus system. If customer buy service, he get 7% of payment to bonus account and customer can use them in next orders.

3 and 7 together - good lead machine.

Our services are AYCE. We have have a base price per user and tweak it based on the client’s needs. For example, if they use Office 365, Dropbox or another service we resell, the retail cost of that service is added to the base per-user price.

If the client has more than one type of user (for example, office users with desktop & mobile device and a remote sales reps with BYOD) we give them a per-user price for each.

This way as the client grows they have a known per-employee cost that grows with them.

Need more examples, information and tips on this. From Comodo Staff and experienced MSPs on here. Such as “Example: 1 workstation support $100 include this, that, blah blah”… models to go by

The way I do it, is I charge for the full all you can eat plan. $50 per workstation, servers are changing in pricing depending on the roles of the server($100 per month for just a simple file share server) and go up from there, $25 per printer, $25 per wifi access point, $25 per edge device. This covers the basics, I provide all the AV, and unlimited support for the business. I do not have anyone on any other plan, all are on the AYCE plan, but do have plans that only offer unlimited remote support, which is around $35 per PC, and then monitoring and patching only, around $25 per PC. I also only take on customers that are willing to pay to get their networks up to my standard before signing a contract. I am not wanting to get stuck in a contract that is eating up all my time, and I am not making any money, or worse losing money. When C1 is working correctly, this model is very profitable, as I only spend a few hours a month per client doing sanity checks and putting out fires as the tickets trickle in.

It would seem that I am the only one charging for my services???

This is what is making me think that i should have a go at the support game again rather than working for the smb market.

Not at all, I am also charging for my services. I am only asking here what approach everyone is using. I would like to alter my own model and need some more feedback.
I am also still fairly new to Comodo so I’m sure I’m not using the products to their full potential.