How do you remove a machine from Patch Management?

With testing I have a lot of machines that are still showing up in Patch Management after I have removed them from RMM and uninstalled the software from the machine. One machine is showing up 3 different times because I installed the software 3 separate times.

Anyone know how to remove them?

Hello @doveroh ,

Complete PM removal process implies removing the entries from the PM Console as well (manually), after uninstalling the software from the machines:

Regarding the duplicate entries issue, this has been resolved with the latest PM update, meaning that the endpoint will no longer be duplicated if re-enrollment is attempted on the same machine.
The duplicate entries that you are seeing must be older entries. Please remove them and let us know if duplication occurs again.

Great, thanks. That trash can is extremely small to see and at a weird place, which is probably why I missed it :slight_smile: