How fast is the New Remote Access tool in C1?

How fast is it?
Faster than teamviewer?
Faster than Logmein?
Faster than previous version?

I still only use the old RMM Admin Console, I still feel this is the superior tool.

It’s a lot better, my subscription to Splashtop hasn’t expired so I tried them side by side, I’d say Comodo is clearer and faster, but it wasn’t a scientific test. :slight_smile:

Faster, I think so yes on initial usage.
The useful feature in previous versions would reconnect a session when the endpoint was restarted. This does not seem to be the case anymore.

Good point! The new client wont auto reconnect after a reboot.

@Joners Hi, if you are checked stay signed in and clicked File-exit, you don’t need to enter your details again

Erm… thats what i had been doing. :wink:

I find that after a reboot even if i check the box to remember my credentials that it fails to login with a 401 automatically and i have to enter the details again.

Hi @Joners ,

Sorry for this inconvenience.
We already updated your support ticket regarding the concern and sent you an email
for the collection of files/logs we need in order to investigate the root cause of the problem and
to be able to straighten out the said issue.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.

Kind Regards,

Just had an update from support, the remember login function only works for 4hrs? Bit odd but answers the question.

SSO has that limit for now. We are addressing it for the future releases.