How good is macOS Endpoint Security now and what is the roadmap

I recently tested CCS for maccOS since we need to migrate our existing solution and I was very positive about the deployment process using Microsoft Intune in combination with Endpoint Manager. But sadly I heard about the test results from 2017 and that is something that I can not put to rest easy. Since Comodo is capable of providing solid Endpoint Security for Windows I wonder why is the macOS Software is so bad.

So my questions are:
How came that your software failed so horrible at that test?
Did you took actions from that test and what were they?
Are there any other independent sources that may recommend CCS for macOS now?

I had issues with CCS on macOS (the software froze from time to time or did not complete the initial scan and was stuck at a file called InstallHelper).

This is the link to the test:…-macos-sierra/

Hi @Weatherlights ,

We thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We’ve created a support ticket for this case and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Thank you for doing so but this is not a support issue. At least for three of my Questions and it would be very nice to get some answers to them instead of requesting log files.

Hello @Weatherlights ,

Here’s the response from your inquiries that we also sent to you via email:

Regarding your questions, as we can see, in the article that you have mentioned, version 2.2 was used. Also the article does not mention if they used the managed security software or the free standalone version.
Also please note that the current version is 2.4, and since we don’t have enough technical details regarding the test that were performed, we cannot provide an accurate opinion about the test results.

However, should you perform any tests using the latest version and you are not satisfied with the results, please provide us additional technical details so we can escalate the case to our development team.

Regarding the previously reported issue “I had issues with CCS on macOS (the software froze from time to time or did not complete the initial scan and was stuck at a file called InstallHelper)”, if the problems still persists, please provide us the previously requested logs to the support ticket we have created for you.


Hi @Weatherlights ,

As @Jay stated, the product which was tested in the link you refer is an old and the consumer version of the provided solutions.

However, CCS for MacOS has been updated several times starting from September 2018 and the team keeps improving it. So, It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the available version of CCS for MacOS on Endpoint Manager provides more reliable protection with improved performance than the one tested.

Still, if you had the issues with the managed product, we would be happy to investigate the issue and then to provide a solution.

You can find the related release notes in here and here. Stay tuned for the upcoming features and improvements!