How many hours does it take to fix your system?

C’mon guys, it’s a bit pathetic.

I’ve read responses about 3 different outages in the last 24 hours.

Yet it’s still not fixed. How long is it going to take? I’ve been waiting several hours now.

First, I couldn’t access any of the application pages (RMM, Patch, etc.) and my agents were saying network error that they couldn’t communicate. Now the bulk installation package won’t activate, it keeps prompting me for host, port and token and if I enter it from the portal it just hangs up on “Activation…”

I can access the portal now and it looks like existing agents are checking in, what’s the issue on bulk deployment? I even tried downloading a new installer and it doesn’t work.

I put this product to bed for several months because it was terrible when I tried it last time. Now, I’ve decided to try it again, and within 3 days it has completely fallen to pieces.

Hello @itfinallyworks,

We appreciate letting us know about the challenges you have encountered. We would like to know more about these issues in detail. Some of the information we require are personally identifiable information therefore we will be sending our correspondence through email.

Thank you.

Well the service desk is still offline, this is something that should NEVER happen. The patches service is also not working.

Hi @Joners . There are intermittent issues happening right now on the Comodo One portal. Our Development team is fully aware of this issue and they are doing their best to have this fix as early as possible. We highly appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter. Thank you.

I appreciate you getting back to us on this matter, just incredibly frustrated. I see lots of Comodo staff pushing that the platform aim is to become more stable but im afraid i just dont see it happening, the same old issues that ive had for months are still cropping up. Seriously looking at other platforms now.

we have a release in september that is aimed at very first Stability release. You will see much improvement starting with the September release. Until then we are increasing the number of eyes on the system to make sure if things break it can be fixed immediately.