How many use Itarian RMM as your primary tool for business?

I’ve been trialing and testing every RMM on the market over the last 60 days and despite a lot of venom I see in the Reddit MSP sub about Itarian, I actually like the product. Now I can’t determine if this is because it’s capable as being a good option to use as primary RMM tool. Anyone small MSP’s using it in this manner, can you share your experience. I realize that questions like this are subjective but I also know that the price change with the product weighs heavily with the opinions of many who used it in the past.

In addition, how does the AEP product compare to something like Bitdefender?

I want to avoid starting with something like Itarian only to find that after I scale past 50 endpoints it isn’t a feasible option at that point.

Thank in advance.

You can find competitive analysis here for Cybersecurity

You can watch the testimonials from MSPs and Partners here:

Happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for these. I did find some of the videos and a few users have PM’d me with some great insight. I am about to onboard 40 endpoints between 2 new customers and I will try to see if Itarian can fit my workflow. Thank you.

welcome aboard @Bdjtech Please make sure you have an “account manager” working with you all the way. We are here for you.