How much does AEP cost?

I have a giant green button that says “Licensing Options” that gives me a feature comparison of 3 tiers, but when I click “upgrade” it goes to which asks me to log in. When I log in, it just takes me back to my Itarian dashboard. :expressionless:

I also don’t see it in the store.

@ScottBeeson One of our ITarian Account Managers will be contacting you immediately to assist you. Thanks Donna

That was a little strange, but thanks.

Looks like the standard rate is $39 per device per year if you have less than 99 devices. On top of that, if you work with your account rep you might be able to negotiate a lower price.

Hopefully someone can fix the “upgrade” button and hopefully this post helps other users with the issue.

@ScottBeeson Thank you for bringing this to our attention we will address this with our developers.

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