How to add exclusions to external devices control like USB devices

The “External devices control” profile section, allows the user to block the access of the external devices at the endpoints.The devices like “Bluetooth devices”, “USB storage devices” can be blocked.Thus it blocks every USB storage devices that are added to the devices. Add exclusions to certain devices using wild characters in the device id.

For example Device ID = “USBSTOR\DiskHUAWEI__*”

                The Device ID matches the above wild characters, will be excluded from the restrictions.

Note: A Device ID can be obtained from the " Device Manager " in the windows device.

Example: Open the Device Manager, select Hardware devices(Universal serial Bus collectors ) and select appropriate hardware like USB Root Hub and then right-click and go to properties → Details → choose hardware id from the property, The value listed are the Device ID

Step [1]:Go to “Configuration Templates” -> “Profiles”.Select a profile from the list, to which you add the exclusions to the external devices.

Step [2]: Go to “External Devices control” tab.There are two tabs available

          1.The “Blocked Devices Classes” tab - A device class such as "USB devices" that are to be excluded can be added here and it also lists the blocked devices classes.

          2.The “Exclusion” tab            - Lists the exclusion added to the blocked devices.

Step [3]: click “Edit” button in the “External Devices control” and go to “Exclusion” tab and click “Add” button, the “Add Exclusion” dialog box appears.Provide the “Device custom name” and “Device Id” and click Add button.The exclusion will be added.

            1.Device custom name - Name of the device. Eg: AS123

            2.Device Id  - Unique identifier of the device.

Condition: If you want to add the exclusion to all the HUAWEI USB devices that are being connected to the endpoints.

Give a device id that matches all the HUAWEI devices.

Example: Device Id: " USBSTOR\DiskHUAWEI__* "

Device id: "HUAWEI__* "

so it adds exclusions to the following devices(Refer above Example in the Note).



Similarly, N number of devices that matches the string mentioned in the device id, can be added to the exclusions.


Step [4]: To delete the exclusion, select the checkbox of the exclusion and click “Delete ” button. The Exclusion will be removed from the device.

Note: This setting will be applied to the endpoints only when the profile is added to that particular endpoint.