How to convert break-fix customers to managed clients

Please write down your ideas and practices here.

One idea is: to you use RMM/Patch Management and set them up fully on your system, so that you can report to them all the issues the customer are having but unaware of. This will increase your likelyhood of converting them. The main problem with Break-fix customers are that they are unaware of the problem. Hence anything you can do to show them the problems they are having will help conversion. Running full RMM/Patch management etc on their system will enable you to do that. And because C1 is free you now can do it. With a paid for RMM this is not possible as it would cost you money to put RMM into a breakfix customer without knowing when you will get it back. With a Free RMM like C1 that barrier disappears and now you have a better chance to turn a break fix customer into a paid one.

Marketing + C1

    1. It possible if customer have critical workstations or servers.
    2. Offer 24/7 monitoring.
    3. Offer discount for other our services (or products) if customer became an managed client. Make “Customer’s Club”.
    4. Offer AV protection included into service contract
    5. Offer services which not available for non-managed-clients
    6. Press-kit where clearly explained what customer gets if became managed-client. And what customer cant achieve if not. We have such brochure but it in Russian :slight_smile:
    7. Explain to customer how we can optimize customer’s business processes (workstations non stop operating, IT-infrastructure managing, economy, regularity, etc).
    8. Excellent if summary cost of break-fixes is much more expansive than service contract. Show it to customer in $numbers.
    This generally.


    1. Monitoring - SMART (at last C1 did it!) and other critical parameters.
    2. Now we can schedule some procedures and can optimize OS every week or everyday. Fully automatically and centralized. It reduces end price for customer.
    3. Even we can reinstall Windows every week :slight_smile: automatically.
    4. Included CES also good thing.
    5. With Comodo Remote Control we can save money (VS Teamviewer licensing) and make service contract cost a bit lower for customer…
    6. Free SD also great. It also save money for SD system and also helps reduce service contract end price.
    7. Integrated Acronis cloud backup can save customer’s money - we can work without NAS or other backup systems. But how Acronis and Comodo can guarantee confidentiality of customer’s files? “MY SECRET FILES SOMEWHERE IN OTHER’S CLOUD??? No, thanx”. Afraid "
    My mother swear" will not be enough :slight_smile:

Never ending problem with stability. We cant use some services because it dont operate good.

About C1 services cost - be great if you will make adaptive pricing scale based on service contract cost in region. Coz sometimes summary C1 services more expansive than whole service contract in chosen city (country). Need to do a calculator which can count end price of all included services (service jobs, CES, Acronis, cDome, etc). For example, count it in %:

  1. Service contract cost $30 per PC per month.
  2. cDome 5% of whole cost
  3. CES 7% of whole cost
  4. Acronis 5% of whole cost

Few other things be good but they are not exist in C1 today.