How to create network zone to block bulk IP addresses in ITSM ?

Introduction : ITSM has a feature to block Bulk IPv4 Addresses given within a range .In the Network Zone ,Which can block the request of particular IPv4 address within a list.

STEP [1] :


Select PROFILE associated with device . and Choose FIREWALL from the drop down

Click on CONFIRM

STEP [2] :In FIREWALL,Click on “Network Zones”.

STEP [3] : Now Select Blocked Zones and Click on “Add” to add the IP Addresses in the new network zone

STEP [4] : Now dialog box with name “Address” will be displayed.

In that select ‘Type’ drop-down box and click on “IPv4 Address Range” as shown below.

STEP [4] : Specify values of IPv4 addresses between ‘Start IP’ and ‘End IP’ in text boxes.

For Example :

Start IP :

End IP :

Here the IPv4 Addresses between to are blocked from network.

Finally, press OK and click on “Save” to apply the settings.