how to customize the alerts email template

How do I change the alert email template I set up in RMM?
I would like to change the subject and maybe the language as well as the header image.

@joaobatistaleef ,

Are you pertaining to these alerts?

yes, alerts have been created by my user.

@joaobatistaleef ,

As of the moment, these are not customizable. These are system predefined alerts that are created internally in general.

I see, is it possible then I use variables to put in the alert and try to customize more simply?

EDIT: Use variables in monitors because the email the alert sends is based on them.
I would like (for example) in the subject of the email (which is the name of the monitor) to put the name of the group in which the device is registered and then the name of the device.
Currently, the device name is the end of the subject after the monitor name.

@joaobatistaleef ,

Unfortunately not possible still. However, We’ll gladly forward this idea as a functionality request to our Development Team for analysis and provide their feedback once available.


Well, my suggestion is then:

  • Email template editor for monitors and alerts;
  • use of variables in email templates for monitors and alerts;

@joaobatistaleef ,

Absolutely. We’ll get these items on the list.

Thanks for feedback Jimmy