How to deploy C1 in the enterprise?

What is the first thing you did to deploy C1 in your enterprise?
What are the next stages after that?

Evaluate its performance on a subset of devices.
Demonstrate where and how it adds value.
Make the case for a full deployment.

what is the criteria for performance?
how do you calculate value?

thank you.

Identical to the process we have followed.


On Performance:

With C1 generally, the ability and ease of deploying the RMM/CRC and the reliability/security of monitoring/managing endpoints.
With AEP, the detection and remediation of existing malware, and prevention of new infections as well as impact on essential end user programs and functions.
How well does it do what we need it to do/what it’s supposed to do? How easily/quickly, reliably, and securely?

On Value:
A factor of enabling our business on the enterprise side and also enabling the business of our customers on the msp side.
With a majority of our workforce comprised of field staff, keeping them in the field and serving clients is a significant value proposition. Field staff man-hours that won’t be spent in the office resolving issues by implementing the solution, plus travel time and expense, plus scheduling issues arising from the cumulative delays, times client experience improvement translating to referrals.

On making the case:
Getting buy in from key interests at different levels of the organization was very important.
By deploying a small test case I was able to get feedback without risking too much disruption.
The field staff immediately saw the value. My director quickly recognized the value. Value chain complete, sold.

This path is obviously dependent on having an internal champion or brand ambassador. How much is direct marketing targeting those likely to occupy these roles? I download ebooks, attend webinars, and take trainings all the time, sponsored by so and so. The name sticks, so when a decision is being made there is already a shortlist of front runners. You have significant technical resources that could be leveraged here I imagine. After direct positive experience, word of mouth of direct positive experience is probably the next most influential factor.

To increase enterprise market share I think Comodo needs greater brand visibility in that space. If I hadn’t known about it previously I don’t think it would’ve made the top 10 list of solutions to evaluate. Trend Micro, Symantec, McAfee, the list would go on and on before an article or presser turned up Comodo as an option. Head to head comparisons and 3rd party evaluations of other AVs are numerous. Newer players like Crowdstrike and Cylance are generating big waves. Their videos marketing presentation and demos are slick, well put together, even expertly designed. No bearing on efficacy, but it conveys more competence and instills higher confidence. Comodo is comparatively rough around the edges. Copy in communications, design of presentation, and even platform need polishing/refinement. It’s improving I will say, but still has a ways to go.

Fair view. Thank you MTekhna. We are taking all these feedback and getting it done.

Thank you @melih for listening and being an active participant in these forums. I am working on POC now to make sure we can deploy the AEP and it won’t interfere with our EHR. Last week I had a session with an engineer on your side. However, I’m still trying to iron this out. We created a whitelist and added exclusions. The install process was still being hung pending download of additional executables. The engineer thought this was an issue with the link. After our session I uninstalled security and that issue resolved. I installed the application and added additional entries on the whitelist to get it to open but still the product is not able to update and therefore won’t function. I have maybe 10 or so applications which I anticipate will present similar issues, not being recognized, being auto-contained, triggering HIPS or firewall issues etc. I’m thinking there must be a better way to clear applications… Could Valkyrie not render an instant verdict or pass off for human review for final verdict and that in turn update and clear the application to install and operate as normal? Is it safe to maintain path or file group exclusions indefinitely? What would happen if the malware names itself to match one of the files in the group or plants itself on an excluded path?

Hi @MTekhna

I am sorry that you are not served with what you need in the first time. There are multiple ways of excluding or whitelisting applications and processes. Is it possible for you to send me an email with your latest conversations with the product engineers and we can follow up from there?

Once we iron out everything, we can post the results here as an example incase anyone else would need as well.


Hey @Ilker I need to get these matters resolved before we make the commit so I appreciate all the support you can offer. I emailed you the engineers synopsis of the steps we took together. That and what I posted here represents all efforts to date. Our EHR client application is installed on laptops for our field staff. It connects to a remote server via VPN for synchronization of databases, files, and updates. Seems it’s running into Comodo Security at every turn. -MT.

Hello @MTekhna ,

We have contacted you by email regarding the issues that you are still encountering.