How to enroll a Chromebook in ITSM?

I recently purchased a Chromebook for testing in our environment (we’re thinking about deploying them to temp/training users). In the Comodo MDM advert page, it clearly states that Chromebooks are supported ( Is this a separate product or is it a part of the Comodo One suite or Comodo ITSM application? If so, how do I enroll a Chromebook to manage?

I tried to grab a free trial, but logging in with my Comodo One account, it simply redirects me to the C1 Dashboard.

@edcit ,

As of the moment, your suggestion currently shows on the roadmap for implementation in Q42017. We have added you to the loop as part of the request. We will provide a notification email once this feature comes to fruition. Thank you for your patience.

@Jimmy , thanks for the speedy response. I just thought I was doing something wrong. From the page, it just seemed like the feature was already live. A bit misleading, no?

@edcit ,

You are welcome. We apologize for the confusion. Under ITSM portal > Settings> Support would be the listed supported platforms and devices.

Has there been any update on this?

@snctech ,

We have asked our Product Developers to provide us an official update concerning full support and compatibility for Chromebooks. We will provide an update as soon as possible.

Good Morning Jimmy,

Thanks for the hard work you guys do. Has there been any response from the Product Developers on this issue. I am too, interested in using Chromebooks for my customers and would like to know that Comodo One will support them. I looked at the support page and the platforms still does not list ChomeOS as a supported platform.

@TheTechDeptLLC ,

Currently, this functionality is still under review by our product team. We have submitted a request to them for feedback regarding its progress. We will provide you an email notification for any updates regarding this request and its timeline once it is prioritized on the road-map for a delivery.

Care to pull down the web page then? Comodo has done this several times now showing functions and features in the product that simply do not exist.

Hello @Joners,

Good day to you. We are happy to check the functions and features that are not working on your environment. If you may please share with us the concerns that you are experiencing for us to sort and provide the proper solution on it. We will also reach via support ticket for us to have this handle accordingly. Thank you

I am looking forward to the support of Chrome devices as well.

Thank you for your hard work.

@Dave_Kotula ,

We appreciate your feedback and support toward the Comodo Community. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on our Developers work for making this feature available on the portal.

I too am looking to enroll about 130 chromebooks, and an additional 58 next year. Its been a year since this string started asking for Chrome book compatibility. It was advised it would be available Q4 2017. After a year, is this available yet?

Hi @traditionsmgmt
Due to other prioritized features, Chromebook support has been added into the long-term (12+ months) implementation timeline of the product roadmap.

We have looked at Chromebooks and this feature is of interest but not high priority for us as of yet.
We did try the Android store version but this killed the Chromebook.