How to enroll devices in both RMM and patch management together ?

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Please find this attachment for guide to install agents in RMM and Patch management using common installer.


Enroll_devices_together.pdf (588 KB)

Is there a way to run this silently?

Hello @USAComputerServices ,

This installer cannot be ran silently, however by using the latest Comodo One release, there are several ways to achieve this goal.
First way to install the agents silently would be through CDM agent. CDM agent can be installed either via the enrollment email, or by using ‘Bulk installation feature’ that is located under settings. From this menu you can download the .msi file or .mst file, therefore you can install the the CDM via Active Directory. The CDM agent already has its own patch management client, eliminating this way the need of using the separate PM agent, but it also provide a very convenient way to deploy RMM agent and PM agent, from DEVICES > Devices List > Install MSI.

If using CDM agent is not an option for you, then you can install the RMM agent first (by using these methods) then you can create a procedure that will install PM agent, like in the bellow image: