How to force policy change to update? (Shouldn't have to....)

Hello, I created a new monitoring policy from an existing policy and applied it to 11 servers.
In RMM admin, the new policies show applied.

The problem (flaw, bug, anomaly, feature) is that the old policy is still in effect.
Is there a service that needs to be restarted?
Does he computer need to be rebooted?
Should this happen automatically?

Old policy RAM Threshold >75% for 3 minutes
New Policy RAM Threshold >85% for 15 minutes

New policy was applied about 18 hours ago, yet I still receive alerts from the old policy.
It shouldn’t be triggering unless >85% for 15 minutes.

Type of ticket creator: MONITORING
Event Created at: Thu Aug 18 05:03:06 UTC 2016
Data: RAM Monitor : Treshold is GREATER THAN 75 %- Usage is 79 %

Hello @Rickkee ,

If you have created a new profile (policy), please make sure that it is applied on the machines and the old profile has been removed (you can check that by going to Device List > click on an endpoint that should use the new profile > Associated tab). Also, please make sure that the new profile that you set up is having only the monitor with the new values (in Profiles menu > click the profile > Monitoring tab). You don’t have to restart anything, and if the only the new profile is applied to the machines, the machines will take the new profile according to Get Command time that you have set up in Settings > Windows Agent Configuration.

According to instructions, I applied the policy from RMM Admin

As you can see, the old policy has 0 endpoints.

In ITSM / Device / Associated Profiles, two are listed (perhaps this is only a log of the profile being applied?)

Under Managed Profiles, none are found

I see where I can re-create the monitoring conditions already in RMM, but shouldn’t they have sync’ed from RMM.

I suspect the problem may be that I’ve had for months, that RMM Admin is NOT syncing with ITSM

Hello @Rickkee

Could you please perform the following steps:
-Access the RMM Console and use the stop option for the Old policy that ou have applied from RMM.
-Then please try and reapply it from ITSM

If this would work, then we would have an indicator for the cause of this issue. Thank you.

I was able to stop it, then remove it. It showed “pending” for a log time, but eventually stopped.