How to generate actual reports about detected threats etc.?


I’m trying to generate reports per client which states the activities of the AV for a period.
Like how many detected threats, maybe the top list of the affected systems, etc…
The report that, I think, would be the most suitable, would be the: ‘Executive Windows Antivirus Report’.

So I generated the report for the past month.
And it lookes like this: (I changed the actual numbers)

Note: this is the generated report from last month.

So I was very curious how many I would have in a whole year.
So I generated a report from 1-1-2020 - 31-12-2020.
The result was this:

Uh… The same numbers!

And then, I realized that a few years back when I started using the platform, I scheduled a weekly generated report for this client.

So I picked randomly 2 other reports from this year (May and June) and the numbers are the same!

On top off all, I generated a report with date ‘ALL’. It goes back till 1-1-2016.
And: the same numbers:

So, my question is: can you tell me what’s wrong? And how can I get acurate reports for a given period per client?
These numbers are unuseful and unreliable.


Hi @ailan,

To be able give an exact answer, we should check your logs and reports. I am directing support team for collecting logs.

Product Management Team.

Goodmorning @zeynepyildirim,

Any updates?


Hi @zeynepyildirim,

Can you check if there’s an update on post from a week ago?

I need some reports and need to know if it’s possible.
These are just the basics reports.

I just generated 2 other reports from another customer:
One from a period of the last month, and one from the beginning (‘All time’).
Only the last column (Scan status) differs.
The rest is the same.
I want to show the clients how they are protected by the platform and show some figures, and I think that’s the column ‘Malware status’.

I can’t believe that these figures are the same for a period of years. That nothing has been detected or blocked.

Last month:

‘All time’:

And one thing I also don’t understand:

See reports:
I have 16 protected devices and 6 unprotected devices.
But I have 17 Clean devices???
Does an unprotected device count as a Clean device? (How can an unprotected device be registered as clean?)
Or are these figures uncorrect?

I think there’s a serious flaw in the logmechanism but hope you can correct me.


Hi @ailan ,

Our support team fixed your issue. It will be released in our 16th of December release. Our release announcements will be shared with you under Release Announcements page.


Hi @zeynepyildirim,
Thanks for letting me know and fixing the problem.
There’s no way I can generate reports before the implementation next month?

And do you know if the ‘already collected’ data (== history) can be used for generating or is it the data that will be collecting from 16 dec?


Hi @ailan ,

Executive summary report counters is deployed. If data was already collected you can generate reports. Can you please check?


Hi @zeynepyildirim,

Thanks for the info.

I just created some test reports (Executive Windows Antivirus) for 2 different clients:
-one with the data from last month
-one with data from 1/1/2020 - 31/12/2020
-one from ‘All time’

The column ‘Malware status’ is still the same and doesn’t differs in all these reports.

Hi @zeynepyildirim,

The updates on the Portals have been finished.

I just generated 2 reports: (Executive Windows Antivirus Report)
One from the last 30 days, and one ‘Alltime’ (which is from 2016-now).

Still, all the numbers are the same, which is not right.

Does the problem still exist or should it be fixed by now?


This morning I generated 2 new reports from a different client:
-All time:

-Last 30 days:

All the numbers are still the same: no activity change in over all the years from these reports.

Hi @zeynepyildirim,
Thanks for the note.
Do you know on what timescale the fix/ improvement will be implemented?

Hi @zeynepyildirim,

This is very very very bad info. Especially after your post from last month that this issue was already fixed in November and would be deployed in December. Now it will postponed again for a few months.

Hi @zeynepyildirim
I just read the Release Candidate of ITarian - IT Operating Platform for 17th-18th March, 2021. (

No updates are mentioned regarding the fix.

Hello @ailan ,

The improvement for Executive Windows Antivirus Report will be released on next week’s planned release. We update release notes 1 week before the release and add Improvements and Bugfixes section after getting final confirmation from our development teams. You can find updated release notes within the same post.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Hi @ilgazy ,

Good to know that the fix will be released.


Hi @ilgazy ,

I just created 2 Reports: Executive Windows Antivirus Report
One with period: 2016-01-01/2021-03-17
and one with period: 2021-02-01/2021-02-28

Still all the numbers are the same.

I can’t believe that in all the years there haven’t been any detections for the ‘protected’ devices, so I conclude that there’s still something not right in these reports.

Has all these different reports been tested before? They still can’t be used.
If you deploy a security product, you want to present figures and stats to your client how well this service works and how many threats were blocked.


Hi Itarian,
Can someone react on this issue?
I just tested it again: Still wrong numbers.


Bump @ilgazy, @zeynepyildirim
Nearly 1 month further since last message from Itarian.

Hello @ailan ,

Our development team is currently working on the issue. It seems some further aggregation and optimization to be done. I will share any updates as soon as our development team find the root cause and plan for a fix.

Best regards,

HI Ilgaz,

Thanks for the info.
It is very bad for not communicating this after it was announced multiple times and noted in the release notes a month ago.
(and was ‘fixed’ nearly 5 months ago internal)