How to get access to Free tool

Hi All

Just wanted to know how do i get the free tool RMM, Patch and service desk? i have tried filling out the form to get access to this but not getting any email feedbacks or any link to download the tools but nothing.

If any body has an idea let me know


Hey Air,

Please note that after typing in your email address you ALSO need to fill out the form on the right side which says “Get Free Comodo ONE Products” with your Company name, Telephone number, Subdomain, Email twice for verification and also check the “I have read EULA and accept it”, fill in the Captcha and once you click on “Sign up today”, you should see a message at the top which says “A verification email has been sent to your email box. Please verify your account.” Once you can see it, please check the inbox for that email message from which should contain a link " Verify my email".
After you do all that, you should be all set. Please let us know if you encounter errors at any step.