How to Guide?

So i signed up for this and had the activation email come through but ive no idea how to get started or where to go?

This doesn’t appear to integrate in to C1. Off the email when i go to the cwatch login it doesn’t recognize my account.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Joners ,

You can add cWatch by linking to another Comodo Accounts Manager (CAM) or C1 account that already has a cWatch license. The service can then be used by both accounts. Cumulative usage and validity are bound to the original license limitations.

Please see this link for the following sections to learn more about:

Thank you for that! :smiley:

Does this apply for EDR also? I tried to log in to EDR and sign up with my c1 accont, but it wouldn’t let me.


Afraid that I cant tell what needs to happen next?!

This starts a trial of cwatch which is fine however when logged in to the cwatch panel there doesnt appear to be any references to EDR at all?

Trying to login to the EDR console on the login page results in “Invalid params” error.

The cWatch integrated with cOne is not the same as cWatch EDR. cWatch family currently consist of 3 main products.
cWatch Network: our SIEM based product, has dedicated network sensor for on-prem and cloud log collection and analysis, This is the only one integrated with cOne. We also gave Breach and Threat detection service, which is 365/24/7 SoC based service.
cWatch Web: protects web sites with WAF, Malware Detectors, CDN, SIEM and SoC also. This is not integrated with cOne yet.
cWatch EDR: Endpoint based EDR tool.

So if you want to have EDR, please get your license on , then login to the portal, download your agent, install on your endpoints and use our portal.
You can use the same username/password to get the EDR license on our Comodo Account Management (CAM)

Joners can you send me email regarding the error screenshot and your account information please? send to ozer.metin(at)


As I guess, you have tried to login with cWatch license to cWatch EDR. We have already corrected the error message you received. You will get
"You don’t have an EDR License. Please register for EDR through…&license=trial "
message right now, and if you get the license from there, you will be able to login to the ststem

Well, I signed up for the EDR, but decided that I only want to deal with applications that integrate into my C1 portal, so I also signed up for the 30 day free trial of the C1 version. I hope I have the software figured out and tested by then, so I will know if I want to purchase beyond the 30 days.

Hi, when i run the setup it says not compatable with endpoint security? am i missing something? also it runs in containment???
Cheers James.

Hello @dittoit,

Thank you for letting us know about the problem that you encountered. I created a support ticket for this and we will update you via email.