How to manage background processes and services using 'Autorun manager' ?


Please find this attached document for guide to use ‘Autoruns manager’ deploy tool in RMM admin console.

use_autoruns_manager.pdf (376 KB)

Thanks for the tutorials. Would be nice if there was an “Are you sure?” prompt on these. I’m pretty careful but I could see one undercaffeinated morning that there’d be a risk of mis-clicking on an entry and accidentally removing the wrong one.


I have sent this Feature Request to the Development Team.
Thank you for you feedback!

I posted my comment based on the screenshots of the tutorial, assuming it was accurate - within it, there didn’t seem to be anything popping up to confirm that we wanted to remove an autorun entry.

I just received ticket emails from the Dev team, “Remove confirmation messages for the OutoRun (sic) Manager Plugin”.
REMOVE? I’m suggesting there should be confirmations if there aren’t already.

Hello PromptCare,

We can confirm that the request for the development team was made to add confirmation messages for the AutoRun Manager Plugin.
Another notification email was sent to you earlier today confirming this aspect.

We apologize for any confusion this has created.

How manage autoruns with ITSM module? And if was pressed button Upgrade at RMM module?

Hello @Sergey ,

In order to use this tool you will need to install RMM agent on the endpoints and then takeover a device using the RMM plugin and from here you can deploy the Autorun Manager tool