How to reinstall enrolled device

When reinstall OS - how to reinstall early enrolled device without history lost? When starting ITSM installer at PC - it always adding new device.
How to reconnect early enrolled device?

Hello @Sergey

Unfortunately this is not possible. Even if you re-enroll a device without the OS being reinstalled, you will still see a new entry in the ITSM Console.

So we will lost all tickets history? Register please new feature request :slight_smile:

Hello Sergey,

Rest assured that we will send this as a Feature Request.

Hello @Sergey ,

When you delete an endpoint from ITSM, tickets created in SD for this device will not be removed automatically, they will be deleted only if you manually do this. With this in mind, would there be any other reasons why you would like to keep the information about a deleted device in ITSM?

I dont want delete device from ITSM. When trouble occurs and we need to reinstall OS at device. All tickets history is actual for this device, but C1 will lose it.
Need functionality that will make possible to reinstall OS without enrolling new device, but reconnect to existing ITSM device

Hello @Sergey ,

If you reinstall the OS on a device or re-enroll the device, the ticket history in Service Desk will not be affected. A ticket will be removed from Service Desk if you, or another staff, delete it.

Not linked to device tickets are useless.

Hello @Sergey

Thank you for your feedback. We will forward it in regards to the Monitoring feature of ITSM.

One more thing about re-enrollnment.

C1 has many useful procedures which help automate work. Example case:
[1]. Create user profile backup
[2]. Check disks
[3]. Reinstall OS
[4]. Restore user profile
[5]. Install soft
[6]. Backup

So what we have:

  1. Installing to PC ITSM agent (for procedure running)
  2. With ITSM procedures do [1] & [2]
  3. Reinstalling OS. I got email from Comodo stuff about realizing Supertool idea at 2017Q4. This mean be possible to start ITSM agent from LiveCD. Also this mean another copy of device will be added to ITSM device list.
  4. Do [4]. Installing ITSM agent. 3thd copy of this device will be added. Again.

So in this case we should 2 times delete device manually. I think this is very wrong process. ITSM need re-enroll capability very much.


We have forwarded your suggestions and will return with an update via e-mail.