How to see which systems has EDR installed from portal?

When I look in ‘License management’ under ‘Bill forecast’, I see that I have installed EDR on one client.
I think that was a test to see what this module does.

I can install it from the portal, as an ‘additional Comodo Package’, but how can I have an overview on which system(s) this is installed?

I want to uninstall it because I don’t use it and it will be billed now.

If I go to ‘Applications-> CWatch EDR’ I can’t login because I don’t have a license.

So, how to search for the installed modules from the portal without creating an EDR login with attached license?


Hello ailan. Thank you for notifying us. We have informed our ITarian Team to review your reported issue and get back to your case as quickly as possible.

Hi @SethHD ,
Thank you for the info.
I got the following email:

[I]Thank you for contacting ITarian Support.

So according to your query please follow the steps below to find in which the endpoint is installed with EDR.
>In the device list
>Device management
In the active components you can see the list of components that are added for the endpoints so you can also see in which end point the EDR is installed.

ITarian Support[/I]

I could find the device where EDR was installed.

But you have to browse manually through the devices.

I was wondering if there isn’t a graph from the dashboard. This because there you have other overviews of all the other installed optional Comodo packages.