How to setup Open VPN


I am looking to use per-app VPN and can see it does support Open VPN.

I am bit confused with all the details it is asking as i have the .opvn file and wondering if i can get the info off the file or upload it somehow?


unfortunately that does not help as i can only create .opvn file to upload hence wondered if someone knew what details and how i could import on here.

Were you able to delete the MDM profile from the device manually? How did you deleted the profile?

I deleted the profile manually from the device, i then created another profile with different config name and deleted via portal.

I am now stuck with 3-4 per-vpn settings on the device which i am not able to delete.

Just to confirm this not to wipe the whole device just settings pushed by MDM?

OK just done it but per-vpn still remains.

@kkw98 ,

We are saddened to hear that the above suggestions did not work. Support team will reach you via support ticket for further assistance.

Thanks i have got the email and have replied back.