How to take remote control from service desk

Technicians can take remote control over a device that was associated with the ticket directly from Service Desk instead of launching and looking for the option in ITSM. But this can be done if the ticket was created by the endpoint user from ITSM tray icon or the ticket was created automatically by ITSM due to a failed procedure or triggered monitor.

Step [1]: Goto TICKETS and select appropriate category

Step [2]: Select and view any ITSM generated ticket from the table - Please keep in mind, that the deleted devices and the devices in offline will not be taken by the Remote Control

Step [3]: Check if there is a Remote Control button otherwise the ticket is not associated with any device and the ticket is also not generated by ITSM. Click the Remote Control button to initiate the remote connection over the device.

Step [4]: Please follow the Step [2] onwards from the topic - ITarian Forum - ITarian Forum

Hi! Nice feature!

Can I associate a device to a ticket or it only happen when the ticcket was open by ITSM endpoint agent?

Anyway, thanks for the great job!

Hi @phelippe

Remote control options available for the tickets which have been created by ITSM endpoint agent. I recommend you to use built-in ITSM monitoring and alert options to have auto-generated tickets for your devices.