How to temporarily disable Security client on a device

We need to temporarily disable the Comodo Security client from a machine to troubleshoot something. Is there a way to do this, ie - stop a service / process? Ultimately just need about 15 minutes of non-protection.


@evoevoevo @Jimmy the method we use is to disable the ITSM Windows service and then under manage protection in Comodo Client Security disable the modules. NB disabling the ITSM service will cause Comodo Remote Control to stop operating though.

A switch bottom could enhance it and improve job tasks as well, It can be integrated onto the CCS module as well.

If we do it through the cloned profile it will affect all the devices… I suppose applying a new ‘open’ profile would help a little (although it’ll take longer) then just being on the machine forcing a stop. So those 3 sections will disable ALL security – ok thank you for that idea… @nct Thank you-- this is what i was looking for -although, yes in some situations we would still want the remote control to operate… . Am I correct to assume we could also just disable all the modules in Comodo Client Security / manage protection IF the user has admin rights? AND this would essentially do what I need?.

If the ITSM Service is running, it will turn the modules back on regardless of if you disable in CCS.

Actually I think I remember that happening once when i tried it… thanks for confirming!!..

We do the same as @nct
I believe a feature request to have the ability to temp disable and honour the temp disable has been requested.

We have @StrobeTech :slight_smile: