Has anyone ever used Hubspot CRM? Can anyone speak to how this CRM differs from Hubspot? I like to use Hubspot for keeping track of the customers and when their contracts are up. I like the fact that I can email them directly from Hubspot but it’s not a dealbreaker. One thing I do need is the ability to add fields. I have a system that rates the contacts based on how likely they are to refer customers, so I need a field for that.

@Fred ,

Please review this helpful guide in getting acquainted with C1/Itarian’s CRM

Thanks again Jimmy. I will take a look. maybe it would be best to just import my contacts and play around with the system. Does Comodo CRM have an android app?

Hi @Fred
Currently, access to the CRM is only available through the C1 / ITarian portal using a web browser.

Hi All,

just so you know.
The HubSpot Outlook plugin often gets blocked by Comodo Client Security; and with all Outlook plugins causes slowness in Outlook.

Just two things to be aware of.

Thanks Robin. If Comodo had a notes section and a way to view from a mobile device it would be perfect for me. Until then I have to use Hubspot.

Hi @Fred ,

As for the notes section, we’ve forwarded your suggestion to our developers as a feature request.
We’ve created a ticket and sent you an email about the request.

Thank you.

I believe the CRM system is not being worked on at present, and a lot of the features are coming to Service Desk and Quote Manager; combined they do all that CRM does anyway, and there is already a mobile app!

I sure hope not. Quote Manager is a poor excuse for a CRM if that’s the case. i will just stick with Hubspot.

At the moment this is a bit of a black box of what is happening.

The current CRM which is not being developed is vTiger, it could be good but trying to get CRM, SD and QM to all work together is an interesting one.

I’m not sure if an off the self version will be possible here or not.

Thanks again Robin. I am still playing around with the CRM. I’ve also left Hubspot. My go to CRM right now until i can get the Itarian one to work is FreshSales.

Hi Fred,

Not used FreshSales being honest, but anything has to be better than Hubspot.

I’ll see if I can find out more on the road map for CRM for you.