HyperV replication error

Can you please produce a monitor scripts that will produce an error when a guest server has a replication error or the replication status goes critical?



Hi @dbettens ,

We will analyze and update the script request shortly.

Thank you.

any undate on this?

Hello @dbettens
We will make sure that the script developers will be able to address your concern. Thank you.

I too would like to be able to monitor HyperV errors. Is this any closer?

Big plus one here. Any HyperV monitoring would be appreciated, but most definitely replication issues.


Hello @hexeldev , @artichoke

Good day to you. We really looking forward to assisting you but we need your helping hands. Our support team will contact you soon.

Thank you

Hi Aravind,

Many thanks for creating the replication monitoring script. It seems to be doing it’s job.

@dbettens @artichoke , Good day to you. Kindly, please refer the below-attached script JSON file to monitor the replication error. As @hexeldev agreed the script works perfectly. Please do take advantage of our script and kindly share your feedback.

Thank you.

20181102-Replication_error.json (2.71 KB)

This is a much needed script for us, how do we implement this? Not sure what to do with the json file thought I could open it and past into the custom monitor but does not seam to have readable script language in it.

Thank you in advance

@ReneNel086 ,

You can utilize these steps in importing the procedure to your EM portal.