I can not remote into any system

Is anyone else having any issues logging into your systems?? I can not log into any system, using any method, including the old RMM module???

Over an hour, no access to support my clients, and not one staff member even took the time to reply, or comment??? @Ilker @melih

OK, I tried it again, and I am able to log in again?? Thanks for keeping this community updated guys.

Yes sir, still working fine as far as I can tell, thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Hi @dittoit
The desktop app shown in your attached screenshot is the New Comodo Remote Control (CRC).
Do you experience the same remote connection issue with the regular CRC through the ITSM portal? If yes, you may need to restart the ITSM service on that specific endpoint/device. If not, we suggest to wait for the upcoming C1 platform update this Saturday (15 July 2017) as improvements specific to the New CRC will be rolled out by that time. Further details about the upcoming C1 platform update will be released soon in the Products sub-forum.