I can not whitelist an app.


Hopefully someone can help me.
I want to implement a self hosted ISLOnline server for remote support for my clients.

What this server does is send an invitation link to a client with a download link from the server, or you can download an executable.
After that the client can start the downloaded client and connect to the available session.

Problem is that all the files are detected and runned virtually and I can’t get them whitelisted.

I’ve done the following:
-On Settings -. Filegroups variables: added the filenames (with wildcards) to the filegroup ‘Remote control software’

And in a profile:
-On HIPS -> HIPS Rules: Added the filegroup and allowed everything
-On Containment -> Settings: excluded the filegroup under ‘Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders’
-On Containment -> Rules: add the filegroup with action: ‘ignore’

It doesn’t matter if I download the files and execute them or if I copy the files manually and start it.
The tool is runned virtual every time.

If you want an invitation link, please let me know by direct mail and I can send it directly.
Don’t want to link it here.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone from support?