I need a script to uninstall Kaspersky

I am needing a script to uninstall Kaspersky.

Here is the functions i found for a silent install Silent mode
To remove the application in the silent mode:

  • Open the command line.
  • Run the command:
    • <Path to setup.exe>\setup.exe /s /x
      	C:\kes 10\en\setup.exe /s /x
    • For versions SP1 MR4 ( and earlier:
      	msiexec /x {7A4192A1-84C4-4E90-A31B-B4847CA8E23A} /qn
    • Version SP2 (
      	msiexec /x {7911E943-32CC-45D0-A29C-56E6EF762275} /qn
If your application is password-protected against unauthorized removal, run this command:
  • setup.exe /pKLLOGIN=<User name> /pKLPASSWD=*** /s /x
  • For versions SP1 MR4 ( and earlier:
    msiexec.exe /x {7A4192A1-84C4-4E90-A31B-B4847CA8E23A} KLLOGIN=&lt;User name&gt; KLPASSWD=*** /qn
  • Version SP2 (
    msiexec.exe /x {7911E943-32CC-45D0-A29C-56E6EF762275} KLLOGIN=&lt;User name&gt; KLPASSWD=*** /qn

@robertsautocenter ,

You can utilize this script procedure in removing Kaspersky. If you re using a specific product version, you can send it to us and also a possible URL source of the product and we’ll have it forwarded to our Script Developers for analysis.

Awesome!!! That will work i think, im running version 10. I am trying it now I will update if i have any problems.