I need to clarify 'free'. Endpoint management, patch mgmt and Comodo a/v?

We’re a 22 person non-profit and I just learned about ITarian a few days ago. I’ve been poking around and it looks like an amazing suite of products and it sure could help me in supporting all 21 of my (now) remote users. Our current a/v product is about to expire so I’ve been looking for a replacement for that also.

Does the offer of ‘free’ for up to 50 endpoints include the entire suite, including a/v? I know the Valkyrie app is limited but I haven’t seen anything else that appears to be crippled.

I agree that beggars can’t be choosers, but I do need to verify before I try rolling out this product.

Thanks so much.

I found that the a/v (endpoint protection) is not free, as it is an addition.

AV is not free, but non-profits are important to us for all the good work they do.
If you ping me with a PM I will introduce to one of our guys to make sure you get a “non profit” discount and someone who can look after your account.

It is not free. But I think there is a possibility of discount.

The platform for ITarian is as of writing free for 50 devices, when you get to your 51 device you have to pay for 51 devices at $1.25 per device.
Also at the time of writing Comodo AV is not free at all, each device having this installed needs a license.