Ideal service desk functionality

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Standard ITSM term - Configuration Item. It can be anything - service, part, device, software, etc.

I think we just need to rename SD Materials to CI and make some enhancements:

  1. Custom fields
  2. Links with other CIs with levels (child or parent)
  3. Make cost field
  4. Build calculated reports
  5. Attach to tickets these CIs
  6. At ITSM module rename Devices to CIs and show here devices (CIs) wich have “Enrolled” tag.

Do it and C1 became powerfull ITSM support system. Described functionality make C1 suitable for MSPs, any IT-companies and for any service center.Yes, it requires big changes of C1 structure, but it be real powerfull platform.

Some comments:

  1. Custom fields at Tickets module with different types. Be superior if we will can add fields that are lookup-fields to fields from other modules.

  2. Very needed point. Example 1: Service consist of set of subservices. When CI Service “In problem” - we can see wich service also stoped. And we see all structure of service and it help a lot to resolve problem.Example 2: Workstation. With CIs child-parent model we can link to workstation any devices, we will describe not only this workstation (MB,CPU,VideoCard, etc), but we will describe ALL customer’s infrastructure. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

  3. Cost of CI. I think we must have a set of cost fields. For example: purchase cost, sale cost, own cost, etc. It needed for bills generation

Hello @Sergey ,

We have forwarded your request to the development and we will get back to you as soon as we have an outcome.

Thank you for your feedback!