Identifying associated profile from device

Is there a way of identifying the name of a c1 profile associated to a device from somewhere in the logs on the device itself?

HI JIm, thanks for responding – but that page displays which profile ‘should’ be applied to the device, or at least which one was last applied to it. I want to know if on the device itself- is there any evidence of which profile IS currently applied?


Jimmy, I’m sorry - we’re misunderstanding each other - I want to know how to find the associate profile (if possible) without the use of Comodo1 interface. Is there any identifying file or contents within a file on the device in the path where ITSM is installed that would reveal this info?

Hello @evoevoevo
We will reach out to our product development team to make sure we can provide you a complete answer to your inquiry. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

We have been informed that there is no ‘conventional’ method currently available to determine the associated profile on the endpoint’s side. What is in the works though is a feature request wherein the Profile(s) information can be displayed in the ‘About’ dialog window in the CCS tray icon context menu. We will loop you in to the ticket so that we can inform you of any important updates as they are released by the product development team.

ok thanks, by a similar token - I’m assuming there’s no way right now of identifying the MSP / company / association of which a client device is associated, is that correct?

@evoevoevo ,

That is correct