If Device is off line when patching is pushed, push when device is back online

One of the most frustrating thing for patching is getting users to keep their machines on when you need to do patching. So you push out a patch and then someone or multiple someones do not leave their machine on. This causes them to miss their patch. There needs to be an option like other RMM tools to have it queue up that patch for that machine so the next time that machine is online it pushes out that patch to it. Can we have that option? or is there a way to set that up?


We understand that you are needing a more efficient way of pushing out OS patches without having to monitor the endpoints most of the time. We can suggest creating a patching schedule that would suit your need.

That isn’t always helpful. Here’s why - if you have a patch schedule that runs infrequently (once a month say), and the user happens to have shut their PC off when that schedule is supposed to run, the next attempt won’t be made to carry out the patch operation for a whole month. If the user has their PC off again on that date, that’s 2 months where the patch isn’t installed. For some things it isn’t practical (or sensible) to schedule them to patch more frequently. Windows Update is a prime example of that.