Impossible to move a DEVICE from one Company/Group to another after mistake


I found the post below, but when chose one device (the first one on this app/system) we cannot see the customer name when choosing “change owner”. How to accomplish that?


Renato P.

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@anjoti ,

We understand that you are having challenges in accomplishing the task. Please feel free to utilize this help guide . You will need to type the email address of the “username” that corresponds to the Customer, thus allwing you to select where the device will be moved to.

This is possible, but you need to make sure a few things are in place first.

First of all you need to make sure the customer is added as a organisation either inside Endpoint Manager or the global Itarian platform which adds them to Endpoint Manager and all other apps.

Once you have this done you need to then add a user for the client inside Endpoint Manager.

After doing all this you can then change owner, and you can also change groups etc.

This is the important point - change owner.