Improvements to C1 Support

My friends in the IT industry can attest to this great product. But they all have a common distress over the issues they have reported. Urgency is not taken seriously especially when it has already been passed on to your developers. Will there be an update on how support can be improved? Thanks for your time.

hmmm…we thought we listen to our users and take it extremely seriously. We strive to deliver everything that is asked of us within a time frame. If we are not addressing your issues, then I would like to know which ones so that we can immediately address them and fix the process that led to that. Please tell me which issues asap.

Hi @dishwallah

We record any and every interaction made with us and unfortunately, I couldn’t find any record between you and us or anything that come from you. Also, I couldn’t find any portal record on your name / email as well.

I am hoping your comment is a legitimate one and we can help you with your issues. Could you please provide us the ticket number that you are referring to?


Hi @Ilker ,
I really wish you didnt waste your time checking on any case because I really don’t have any. If you check my post again, I clearly indicated that I was informed by my trusted friends about your support. Am I safe to assume that you are from your frontliner support which can help explain the lack of attention to detail? I am currently asking for their cases and hopefully share it with you sooner than expected. I have high hopes they are referring to support from yesteryears. Is it ok if I send them to you in private? Thanks.

HI @dishwallah , @melih is the CEO and founder of the Comodo group.

Hello @dishwallah
Feel free to peruse through the Comodo Cybersecurity Overview page to get an overview of what @melih and @Ilker do for the company. :wink:

So you don’t know their cases, thats why you are asking them, yet you blame us for lack of attention…
I smell a troll here!
Clearly you are neither an MSP nor an IT Admin. At best online marketing guy looking for places to spam and you think you are creative with your posts…or you are a “Social Media guy” for the competitor…
Either way, you are warned…